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From Super Bowl Concerts To Disney World: How Architectural Lighting Is Transforming CRE


It is called mood lighting for a reason: indoor and outdoor lighting is integral to how people feel in a space. And it exists everywhere, from nightclubs in downtown New York City to the flashing LED lights in sold-out concert venues, from the warm ambiance of a favorite hole-in-the-wall bar to the cooler, natural light replication of corporate offices.

Partying With The Cool Kids: Lighting Up Clubs And Concerts


Modern lighting solutions come loaded with highly accessible remote control systems. High-energy venues like clubs require a great deal of instant, high-speed maneuvering between lighting displays. The electronic light-dimming effects, strobe lighting and mixed colored lights peppering nighttime music festivals and underground LA clubs set the mood.

One such product is Harman Professional Solutions’ Martin Rush MH 6 Wash, which features all of the aforementioned effects. The Wash also includes fan-powered cooling that detects rises in temperature to preemptively counteract system overheating. All lighting and temperature can be controlled with a wireless remote, making the Rush a fitting light system for those hot, sweaty nights out surrounded by hundreds of bodies.

Such technology further maintains a significant role in even the craziest of parties. Events ranging from Lady Gaga's Super Bowl concerts to TED talk speeches utilize LED video installations to supplement their visuals — all of which can be used in architectural lighting solutions.

In addition to the dots, panels and video strips required to process the video, lighting designers must craft the perfect canvas on which to project video, taking into consideration color space and color temperature. When it comes to creative applications, operators can control parameters, blacking out both the LED video products and the moving heads while manning video in real time from lighting desks such as Art-Net or DMX.

From Museum Gardens To Halloween At Six Flags: Lighting Up The Great Outdoors


Moonlit strolls through glimmering city gardens do not develop their magical auras overnight! Dedicated green spaces and outdoor areas are rarely complete without the right lighting technology. From the shadows and playful, almost firelight-esque glow decorating museum exteriors to the sun-replicating glow of vast sports stadiums, it is all thanks to proper architectural lighting.

Theme parks are the magnum opus of outdoor lighting tech. They are responsible for crafting family and thrill-oriented atmospheres for every visitor, for hours each day in all weather and climate types. Trips to Disney World, Six Flags, or even local summer pop-up parks are fun to explore because of interactive video displays, flashing light displays on Ferris wheels and fog machines that create spooky effects around Halloween. The RUSH Gobo Projector can even help with branding, allowing park owners to display a logo projection on a major surface all visitors can easily view.

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