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Creating Memorable Business Client Experiences With AV Tech

New York

You cannot undo a first impression.

As a business, you already focus on your website, your social media marketing, your careful cultivation of the clients you already maintain and the ones you hope to reach. Your business cards, your employees’ physical presentation at important meetings and others are all paramount to success.

Acing First Impressions With Lobby AV Tech


The lobby of your building is where your business — corporate, retail or even the lobby of a major university building — imprints its first impression on partners, potential hires and clients. It is imperative to present a modern, polished look and feel. If your business lives in its own building or office suite, your lobby or entrance room is a chance to establish and cement a visual sense of your brand’s identity.

As important as the visuals and sound are in creating the right ambience, lighting is just as vital, if not more so. Architectural lighting, such as Martin, configured specifically for an entrance room ensures that the guest’s first impression is appropriate for the ambience you are trying to create. Most companies will want to create a lobby ambience that is warm and inviting, but for some, an overly bright or dim setting might create a more appropriate tone. An architectural lighting design will also have the option of integrating natural light, as available, into setting the right ambience.


Making A Good First Impression With The Right Tech

Above all, guests to your building and company should feel welcome, comfortable and cared for. An AMX Modero S Touch Panel, for instance, offers you the ability to welcome guests to your lobby by creating personalized greetings right from your mobile device. Used in conjunction with traditional microphone paging, a dbx ZonePro Processor offers the ability to customize a lobby's sound to the exact size and acoustic parameters of the room, giving the room a warm and inviting audio tone.

Technology That Doesn't Get In The Way Of Successful Meetings 

A successful meeting relies on a variety of components. Meeting rooms and huddle spaces need to be booked and prepped in advance with the right technology. Presenters shouldn’t waste time searching for remotes or the correct cables to display a slideshow. Initiating conference calls, streaming live videos and displaying presentations are typically integral aspects for most meetings, which can all be programmed into a single "START MEETING" button. Additionally, a dedicated software management platform — such as AMX's resource management suite — can help IT technicians and help desks remotely monitor, manage and maintain rooms, devices and building infrastructure tech.

Break Room AV Tech


Break rooms provide more than just a respite from the challenges of the workday. Kitchens and common spaces are where businesses will often include a display that can communicate multiple messages, such as sharing live television feeds, company announcements or emergency notifications.

An attractive display showing the national news or organization info and updates can elevate the appearance of your company as one always on top of its game. Need to broadcast multiple feeds at once? An AMX 4K networked AV encoder/decoder solution over standard gigabit ethernet can assist in this area, without significantly affecting the network.

One cool way to integrate the two? An AMX Inspired XPert, a digital signage system that allows users to combine audio and video feeds as well as company updates and info into a single, attractive interface that doesn't disrupt the flow of information.

Office spaces need more than just pretty decorations and spacious rooms to maximize a business's potential. It is about how you feel in that space, and lighting and sound play a major role in creating that feel. Investing in the right technology is key to crafting such an atmosphere.

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