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Top 10 Stories: R-B Corridor


1. Arlington County has opted to reconsider the development of a fire station on a "major parcel" in Rosslyn. After the community voiced displeasure for the plans—which are part of a larger development project— the Board opted to review the individual parcel.

2. Eastern Foundrywhich enjoyed success in nearby Crystal Citymay earn up to $450k in grant money from Arlington over the next three years in exchange for creating jobs with its under-construction 19k SF location in Rosslyn

3. Phone2Action has opted to invest $150k to bring 142 jobs from DC proper across the river to Rosslyn. The company "supplies social advocacy and civic engagement tools that connect constituents with their elected officials."

4. A proposed gondola transit system above the Potomac River has received support from a public-private partnership.

5. Metro's shutdown appears to cause delays for alternate transportation methods, but the ultimate impact is still not certain.

6. Arlington has created a CDA to fund Ballston Quarter's infrastructure. As part of its agreement with Forest City, the county will supply up to $55M worth of public improvements.

7. The Orange and Silver Line trains of SafeTrack are set to return to Ballston via a single, shared track between the community and East Falls Church. Trains will run less frequently.

8. Construction on the demolished Blue Goose building's replacement has begun. The project is now being called Newside.

9. Following its Ballston Hotel sale, JBG is preparing to liquidate assets ahead of its upcoming merger with New York REIT.

10. Changing demographics in The R-B corridor may alter the complexion of local small businesses.