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PODCAST: Listen To Bisnow's 'Let's Have A Drink' NYC: Compass Vice Chair Adelaide Polsinelli

Bisnow has a new podcast series, "Let’s Have A Drink," where we sit down with the personalities who shape New York City real estate — the most cutthroat, challenging and thrilling market in the world. Hosted by Bisnow reporter Miriam Hall, we examine the deals, the disappointments and, of course, drinks of choice. You can listen on iTunes and Spotify

Compass Vice Chair Adelaide Polsinelli

In the sixth and final episode of our first season, we sat down with Compass Vice Chair Adelaide Polsinelli at The Marlton in Greenwich Village. We spoke about her start in the industry, the impact of rent reform on the market, adapting to change and starting the investment sales division at Compass.

“It's really starting over, but we are now much more ahead of where we were and we’re doing the deals that we were hoping to do,” she said.

Polsinelli joined Compass in August to launch its investment sales division after her old shop, brokerage Eastern Consolidated, closed its doors a month earlier.  

“It's not just, you jump into a desk and you plug in and you’re back on the road … and with a firm that didn’t have a commercial division there’s a lot more involved," she said. "It’s as if you're starting your own company.”