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180 Maiden Bastion Of Greenery And Amenities Amidst New York Bustle

Amenity-rich modern offices are changing the way employees conceive of their work environment and transforming attitudes about their jobs and workspace in the process. 


Class-A properties compensate for the taxing always-on-call work culture and fact that the employee to square foot ratio has doubled in New York in just six years, by offering integrative features that meet and exceed the minimum individuals require to execute their job's responsibilities. Perks like delicious and nourishing meals, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and bright, airy spaces do more than elevate mood—they all have measurable positive impacts on productivity.

The most attractive offices secure and retain tenants by providing on-site amenities that promise to simplify and enhance employees’ lives. Buildings like 180 Maiden Lane (pictured) internalize products and services people traditionally sought externally. This trend is becoming more prevalent as workers struggle with the time constraints imposed by performance requirements.

The building boasts a diverse tenant base, with 40k SF already allocated to True Entertainment, and disruptive business training center MicroTek signed on for more than 20k SF.


Aesthetically appealing fitness spaces with high-end equipment save employees a trip to the gym. Endorphin-releasing physical activity promotes well-being, fostering positive interactions among colleagues, while increased circulation makes workers feel more alert and energized. 

Full-service cafeterias that can provide atmosphere and natural light in addition to an array of healthy grab-and-go options please New Yorkers’ sophisticated palettes and address their (numerous) dietary restrictions. For grab-and-go convenience, coffee bars (like the one at 180 Maiden, shown below) are increasingly popular.

"The cafeteria and on-site health club are superb extras, but the views and natural light are what sold us on the space," says new tenant and Wade Clark Mulcahy partner Paul Clark.

The property also boasts a European-inspired gelato bar as an indulgence and fresh fruit for the health-conscious. And vitamin C (that's coffee, not ascorbic acid) is served every morning.


Tenants, current and prospective, form their first impressions of an office building from the lobby. Modern lobbies like the one below, especially in NYC, endeavor to transport the person from the loud and chaotic streetscape to a more tranquil environment. 

This is an interesting inversion, as the artificial structure’s interior becomes the verdant haven, while what’s outside comes to represent noise and a grueling commute. This can have a powerful impact on worker psychology, making them want to arrive earlier and stay longer.

"My partners and I felt strongly that 180 Maiden Lane was the right choice after seeing the lobby renovation, which gave us a sneak preview of what to expect in the rest of the building," Paul told us.


Recognizing and meeting the needs of today’s tenants, who appear to have a strong fear of commitment, is vital for office buildings. Strategies include making workspace flexible, supplying shorter contracts, adopting open floor plans, and investing in infrastructure capable of handling blisteringly fast internet speeds. 

Communal areas and collaborative spaces are essential, because the number of square feet New York companies allocate per worker is less than half what it was six years ago, plummeting from 225 SF per worker in 2010 to 100 SF in 2016.


Not only does natural light boost productivity, it also inspires a sense of well-being by regulating sleep and feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin's production. Innovations in window technology have made glass more visually appealing and cost-effective, insulating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

180 Maiden is becoming a prime event venue Downtown, hosting the Many Hopes Gala, ANNY Best of Festival and Habitat for Humanity-sponsored Habitat House Party and Bisnow's Big New York Office Event yesterday. Next week, drop by for the Pier Garden 180 Event, a post-October Oktoberfest celebration.

For more information on the amenities at 180 Maiden Lane, click here.