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Wanted: A Sidewalk Shed Pedestrians Won't Hate

New York

Construction projects are popping up all over as NYC's real estate market continues its boom. But that means sidewalk sheds are everywhere, too, something no pedestrian wants. Sidewalk sheds are necessary, of course, but they are also hideous to look at, often uncomfortable to walk underneath and foster a smell that is worse than the restrooms at Penn Station. So the New York Building Foundation has launched a design competition, calling for proposals to create a more aesthetically pleasing sidewalk shed. It's teaming up with the New York Building Congress Task Force on Innovation and Best Practices. The hope is to use the expertise of design, construction and real estate industry professionals to create sidewalk sheds that will meet New York City Department of Buildings requirements while still addressing the issues of safety, sanitation and quality of life. A committee of industry experts will choose the winners, who will then work with the Building Congress to make the design a reality. [NYBC]