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New York
Eco Earth Design president Robert Schucker
Flying into JFK or Newark, your first thought may be about finishing the in-flight movie before landing, and not the expanse of empty roofs below-but these surfaces are strong candidates for green roofs, says Eco Earth Design president Robert Schucker of the sustainable building feature that has been widely embraced in Europe, but still has a long way to go in the US. Green roofs have plenty of benefits, he notes: They help with storm water runoff and block sunlight, which can extend the life of a roof's waterproof membrane for decades; it cools the ambient air, which saves HVAC costs; and creates an amenity space that can be used to market yourself as green and improve productivity of tenants.
A green roof
Rob's firm is working to educate building owners about the benefits of design and installation, which takes an entire team of professionals: a waterproofing expert, engineer, architect, and green roof specialist. Certain cities have already picked up on the trend, including Portland, Chicago, and DC, and Rob's been receiving more inquiries about installing the roofs in the Northeast. What surprised him is that there's not only interest from the commercial side, but residential as well. Rob was recently among a small group of people from around the country who earned Green Roof Professional accreditation from Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, an organization that promotes the sustainable feature throughout North America.
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