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Tech Talent War Prompts Expedia’s Move To Seattle


Expedia is building a new headquarters in Seattle, just across the lake from its hometown, in an effort to attract top tech talent.

The talent war in the tech industry is so intense that a good paycheck isn’t even close to enough to attract the best, Expedia CFO Mark Okerstrom tells the Wall Street Journal. He says firms are learning they need to add all sorts of perks, like gyms, outdoor areas and quality food, and all at the right address to boot.

And Amgen’s old 40-acre waterfront campus on the Puget Sound will give Expedia enough room to grow, and provide those oh-so-important perks, like food, which the firm says it will provide—although Okerstrom is up front that it probably won’t be on the same level as Google’s famous in-house meals. [WSJ]