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Look Out For These CRE Tech Disrupters In 2018


The new year is fast approaching, and with the new year comes new technology.

From the rise of retail tech such as scan-and-go shopping, to 3D printing that can be used to produce building models and floor plans, technology has  transformed the commercial real estate industry this year. As companies around the world continue to innovate, there are three forms of technology to keep an eye on in 2018, according to Forbes:

Tech Focused On Transactions And Engagement

Curated online experiences are expected to take a lead in 2018 with companies like Compass — which curates properties online in order to make searching for real estate easier for both agents and their clients — introducing platforms that allow agents to better understand buyer behaviors and improve relationships.


Chatbots already exist in the form of Apple’s Siri and the Amazon Echo, but within the next year they could start to seep into the commercial real estate sector, where they could aid with things like lead generation and customer service. 


Though the real estate sector has been slow to adopt cryptocurrency, blockchain, the technology on which bitcoin is built, is slowly making its way into the industry. This is expected to continue well into 2018. Blockchain tech is an electronic ledger that keeps a running list of transactional records to share with a secure network. It has been praised by supporters for its transparency, accuracy and ability to digitally track assets, speed up transactions and minimize fraud.