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Walmart Takes On Amazon With New Scan-And-Go Tech That Eliminates Cashiers

Walmart is getting tech savvy at its stores, taking on e-commerce giant Amazon by offering a scan-and-go checkout process that would eliminate the need for checkout lanes, similar to Amazon's future Amazon Go stores.


Walmart's scan-and-pay technology will allow shoppers to pay for their items without the help of a cashier or register. The way it works is fairly simple: shoppers can either download an app on their smartphone or use a hand-held scanner to scan desired items and check out. Shoppers will be asked to show a digital receipt when they leave the store in order to prove a payment has been made, Business Insider reports.

This is Walmart's second attempt at incorporating a scan-and-go format in its brick-and-mortar stores. The Boston Globe reports a similar concept was briefly tested in 2014 before it was discontinued due to a large portion of customers experiencing insurmountable difficulties when attempting to use the technology.

The latest push by Walmart comes shortly after Amazon announced its plans to unveil a similar app at its planned grocery stores in December. The concept is still in the early phases of planning.

Wasting no time, Walmart has rolled out its app to be beta tested in more than a dozen stores across the U.S., including locations in Texas, Florida, South Dakota, Arkansas, Georgia and Kentucky.