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Bisnow To Pilot Dealmaking, Networking Platform At Bisnow's Annual Multifamily Conference: Rocky Mountain Series

Baltimore State of the Market attendees at meetings scheduled through BisnowMatch

After a warm reception at Bisnow’s Baltimore State of the Market, networking platform BisnowMatch will roll out across 22 different Bisnow events this spring, summer and fall, from morning to full-day programs. The service, which allows attendees to set up meetings with fellow attendees in advance of the event based on shared business interests, takes the hassle out of day-of networking. The goal is an enhanced experience, one that makes conversations at events more valuable. 

BisnowMatch began as a collaboration with Brella, an event networking platform that launched in 2016. Since its founding, the startup has generated 300,000 one-on-one meetings. At Baltimore State of the Market, attendees made over 70 meeting requests through BisnowMatch, with 30 meetings confirmed. People within the fields of architecture, design and engineering, construction and owner-development were the most sought-after event-goers.

“The system was easy to use and filter through,” KeyBank Vice President Tiffany Durr said. “The match set-up area with the numbered tables made the meeting easy. I would use it again.”

Upon event registration, attendees receive an email with a link to set up their BisnowMatch profiles. After filling out their information, including what they are seeking and offering, users can view a list of potential matches ranked by order of relevance. An owner or developer, for example, can indicate that they are seeking to reach lenders. Attendees can pick and choose who best fits their interests and business goals. Event sponsors are also able to schedule meetings with attendees. 

BisnowMatch goes live three weeks before the event, giving attendees a large window in which to schedule meetings. Before the event, attendees are assigned a meeting table and time when they confirm acceptance of a meeting. 

By helping to schedule meetings in advance, BisnowMatch takes the pressure off finding business partners. 

“I only accepted one meeting and didn’t set up any others myself but I can see arranging more next time,” Moseley Architects’ Nancy Liebrecht said. “I’m not a very good networker and it takes the pressure off wandering around looking for conversations to join or talking only to people you already know, which is what I usually do.”

As more people use the platform to forge new connections at events, BisnowMatch will become stronger and more valuable to attendees. BisnowMatch is currently free with an event ticket purchase. 

BisnowMatch will be featured at the following upcoming events: