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Amazon's Ambitious Grocery Store Expansion Calls For 2,000 Stores In Next Decade


Amazon’s push into brick-and-mortar isn’t tapering off any time soon. The e-commerce giant announced earlier this month plans to expand further into the grocery business by opening minimalistic convenience stores and curbside grocery pickup stations, and it seems those ambitious plans include as many as 2,000 grocery stores opening over the next decade. 

The company says 20 of its AmazonFresh stores will open in major US cities over the next two years, with others coming depending on the success of the first batch, RetailDive reports. Half of the first 20 stores will only offer “click-and-collect” grocery pickup while the other half will follow the traditional grocery store format.

Amazon is still fine-tuning its pricing for AmazonFresh, deciding between opening stores to the public or whether it should keep them reserved for customers who pay $15 per month as part of the program. [RetailDive]