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6 Types Of Retailers That Are Amazon-Proof

The retail landscape has been tumultuous as of late as retailers adjust to changing consumer shopping preferences in favor of experiential retail and online shopping.


There have been winners and losers during this transition as e-commerce saturation coupled with Amazon’s continued disruptions in the industry have made it difficult for many retailers to hold on.

But there have been some notable retail segments standing firm during this time of flux, CNBC reports.

Here are the six types of retail that, at present, are Amazon-proof:

1. Restaurants

People like restaurants not only for the food, but for the overall experience. This fact is expected to help protect brick-and-mortar restaurants from losing traffic and sales to takeout and delivery services.

2. Off-price retailers

The heavily discounted prices offered by stores like TJX and Marshalls are difficult for e-commerce players to replicate, especially considering the costs associated with delivering products to consumers in a short span of time.

3. Dollar Stores

Similar to off-price retailers, dollar stores like Dollar General and Dollar Tree focus on cost savings. Few dollars stores are even attempting to penetrate the online marketplace at this time, and their aggressive expansion plans suggest they do not need to. 

4. Furniture Stores

E-commerce infiltration sits at around 20% in this segment, but is expected to stay relatively low given the fact that people like to physically test and try out furniture before buying it.

5. Grocery Stores

While there has been an influx of companies pursuing online grocery services, JLL research found that most people still prefer to inspect their food in person before buying it. High costs and logistics challenges surrounding the online-to-door delivery of fresh food may also prevent companies from overwhelmingly pursuing an online model.

6. Mass Merchants

These stores often serve as “one-stop shops” for consumers and are an easy place for shoppers to pick up necessities during their commutes home. That convenience cannot easily be translated online. 

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