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Top 10 Things to Read from this Week

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The end of the week is upon us, but here are the 10 stories to read before heading out for the weekend.

1. This may be unsurprising, but Blackstone is now the world's largest real estate owner. [Bisnow]

2. Here's some more Blackstone news. Blackstone Group president Tony James thinks the US will enter a recession in about two years. [Bloomberg]

3. Bisnow sits down with real estate tycoon Mr. Downtown aka Larry Silverstein. [Bisnow]

4. There secondary market finally emerges for private equity real estate funds. [WSJ]

5. In case you were wondering, here are the biggest landowners in the US. [CNBC]

6. Here's six jolting Trump quotes captured in six seconds or less (aka Vine). [Bisnow]

7. The year is ending, and here are the top seven architectural trends so far. [Bisnow]

8. Bisnow gets to chat with Leslie Himmel, the largest female landlord in New York. [Bisnow]

9. To lease or not to lease? These 10 streets are the most expensive in the country. [Bisnow]

10. So this is how they kept the Marriott-Starwood deal so hush-hush. [Bisnow]