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Steve Wynn’s Ex-Wife Said She Told Company About Rape Allegations In 2009


The ex-wife of fallen Wynn Resorts CEO Steve Wynn claims the company knew years ago about sexual misconduct allegations against its former leader

Elaine Wynn testified Wednesday at a Las Vegas court hearing that she told Wynn Resorts general counsel Kim Sinatra in 2009 about an alleged rape and settlement from 2005. Elaine Wynn alleged Sinatra said it was a private, not a company, matter and had been handled, Bloomberg reports

Sinatra issued a statement after the hearing, denying knowledge of the rape allegation and said the conversation stemmed from Elaine Wynn’s intention to take down her husband. 

"I disagree vehemently with Elaine Wynn's testimony," Sinatra said in the prepared remark. "My recollection, which is clear, is that at no time did Elaine Wynn ever tell me that there was an allegation of rape against Steve Wynn. In the relevant conversation, in which she promised to destroy Steve Wynn and said she didn't care if that reduced the company's stock price to zero in the process, Elaine Wynn made an oblique reference to a settlement, and nothing more. Elaine Wynn has repeatedly used the broad protection of the litigation privilege to unjustly smear my reputation." 

Elaine Wynn has claimed she lost her seat on the Wynn Resorts board of directors in 2015 for bringing up concerns about her ex-husband’s behavior. Wynn Resorts lawyer Todd Bice said the company disputed Elaine Wynn’s account. Rather than a company issue, he asserted Elaine Wynn was building a case for her divorce. Elaine and Steve Wynn divorced in 2010.

The testimony comes as a Nevada judge is determining how much evidence from Steve Wynn’s alleged sexual misconduct can be used during a trial scheduled for next month. Across the country, in Massachusetts, state gaming regulators are investigating to determine if Wynn Resorts will be allowed to keep its license to operate a $2.4B casino currently under construction outside Boston.  

Steve Wynn sold the last of his shares in Wynn Resorts, totaling $2.1B, on March 21 and March 22.