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Trump's Federal Reserve Nominee Plans To Erode Central Bank’s Independence

President Donald Trump is expected to select Randal Quarles, a former member of George Bush's administration, as the next Federal Reserve vice chairman. If selected and confirmed by the Senate, some worry Quarles and Fed Governors may clash over future interest rate strategies.

The Federal Reserve

The Fed is planning to boost interest rates another two or three times this year depending on the health of the economy. Quarles suggests using a formula to determine future interest rate moves, an approach current officials fear could harm the Fed’s ability to guide monetary policy, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Quarles criticized the Fed for keeping interest rates so low and said a formula to guide interest rates would add certainty to markets and give banks less incentive to make speculative investments.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen has publicly criticized proposed GOP legislation that would force the Fed to strictly follow a monetary-policy rule, potentially interfering with the Fed’s independence by making it easier for the central bank to fall victim to short-term political pressure.

The vice chair position is one of three openings on the Fed board that need to be filled. Should Quarles, the founder of private investment firm Cynosure Group, be appointed his position would give the new administration more room to push its financial deregulation goals