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These Robots Will Keep Construction Projects On Time And On Budget

A new startup could hold the key to keeping construction projects on time and on budget.

Doxel launched on Jan. 23 with a promise to use artificial intelligence and robots to keep a close watch on construction sites.


The startup could be a boon to the construction industry, considering an estimated 98% of large projects are delivered over budget and roughly 20 months late. Doxel just closed a $4.5M funding round led by Andreesen Horowitz, according to Venture Beat.

Our breakthrough AI software can automatically analyze visual data to measure installed quantities and inspect quality. This game-changing end-to-end solution produces accurate progress and quality reports in real-time. That’s how Doxel keeps molehills from becoming mountains,” Doxel CEO Saurabh Ladha said in a blog statement.

The robots use 3D scanning technology to recognize and capture images of even small details, like ductwork and wiring conduits, in order to determine how advanced the projects are. If the robots find they are falling behind, management is alerted and can step in to rectify the situation.