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Uber as a Marketing Strategy?


Since its 2009 inception, Uber's skyrocketed to a $50B valuation, and now it's the subject of piggyback marketing.

Startups with copycat business models are popping up across the nation, proudly declaring themselves the "Uber of babysitting," or the "Uber of trailer rentals."

Many say comparing their businesses to Uber helps customers understand their concept. But Silicon Valley marketing professor Buford Barr warns against too much Uberizing. Uber's success comes with its fair share of controversy, and drawing a comparison between its business plan and a startup could set off alarm bells with potential investors.

Nonetheless, there are a number of companies that are happy to be compared with the sharing economy giant. Here are a few:

  • HomeHero—the Uber of in-home care for seniors
  • Push for Pizza—the Uber of pizza
  • Swifto—the Uber of dog walking
  • Spare Foot—the Uber of storage units
  • SQFT—the Uber of real estate
  • The Babysitting Co—the Uber of babysitting
  • UpCounsel—"a cross between Uber and eHarmony of legal counsel"
  • Online Owls—"What happens when you pair Uber and Geek Squad?" [IBA]