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9 Sports Legend Commercial Real Estate Investors


For athletes, holding onto their fortunes is a tough challenge; many athletes go bankrupt shortly after retiring. But some manage to get it right. Here are nine sports legends who became champions off the field by scoring touchdowns in commercial real estate.


1. Emmitt Smith

On the Field: Emmitt Smith was a dynamo even before entering the NFL. During his time at the University of Florida, he broke multiple rushing records, was a unanimous All-American and SEC MVP, and has since entered into the College Football and University of Florida Halls of Fame. In the NFL, he broke Walter Payton's record for all-time rushing yards. A three-time Super Bowl Champion, Emmitt is the only running back to win the NFL MVP award, the rushing crown and the Super Bowl MVP award in the same year.

In the Boardroom: After an already prosperous post-NFL career as an NFL Network commentator, Emmitt started a real estate career in 2005. He paired with former Cowboy Roger Staubach to form Smith/Cypress Partners, which revitalizes abandoned urban areas with highly commercial properties. The company has since spread nationally, setting up an office in New York City. He has also set up Emmitt Smith Construction, a Dallas-based commercial and civil construction and augmentation firm, and the ESmith Legacy, a real estate development and asset management firm.

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