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Tired Of Zoom Calls? Meet CRE’s Emerging Leaders At This Invite-Only Beachfront Retreat

2019 Ascent attendees.

The coronavirus pandemic didn’t just disrupt day-to-day business operations, it also took away one of the most important deal-making tools commercial real estate professionals have in their arsenal: face-to-face networking.

Meeting people, shaking hands and discussing opportunities in person has been the No. 1 way CRE professionals have started successful partnerships and closed major deals since the dawn of time. Now, after an unprecedented year, members of the commercial real estate community have re-emerged and they are charged up and ready to do business — and they couldn’t find a better place to do it than on a white sand beach. 

This November, Bisnow will once again be hosting Ascent, its annual invite-only retreat for CRE’s most promising up-and-coming owners, developers and investors. This year, Ascent will take place at 1 Hotel South Beach in Miami Beach, where attendees will not only get a chance to network with and learn from professionals across the country, but also to relax, recharge and reconnect with their peers. 

“Ascent has provided the opportunity to be part of small groups and share experiences in individual journeys in CRE,” said MJD Capital Partners founder and CEO and Ascent attendee Marie Murphy. “This was the first time that I had been part of a conference that was more connected to the individual and less about cap rates and where interest rates are headed. It felt more like a retreat than a conference.” 

Ascent was created with young, emerging leaders of real estate development and investment firms in mind. Attendees are professionals between 30 and 45 years old who are looking to network, engage with their peers and gain unparalleled access to some of the best and brightest leaders in CRE. Some are running teams and making investment decisions while others are preparing to take the reins of their firms.

The Bisnow team works to ensure that every attendee gets the opportunity to spend time with the professionals they want to meet and discuss the ideas they want to explore. At daily “tribe sessions,” attendees are broken up into closed-door groups of around 15 people. These groups have been specifically curated by Bisnow to put people together based on shared interests to discuss and share best practices.

A group of 2019 Ascent attendees enjoying some time at the beach.

“It’s a conference event unlike any other,” said Chris Keenan, director of Real Estate Acquisitions and Capital Markets at Olympus Ventures and an Ascent attendee. “It’s an engaging experience with a high concentration of quality content, people, activities and relationship-building.” 

Ascent is also a place for attendees to gain valuable insight from seasoned professionals who can help them grow their brand, manage their business and further their careers. There will be several keynotes delivered by speakers chosen by Bisnow who are on the cutting edge of business, technology and personal development. 

“Various speakers have impacted what I do in my business, everything from body language to not splitting the difference in the middle of a heated negotiation,” Murphy said. 

Of course, in an area as exciting and beautiful as Miami Beach, work won’t be the only thing on people’s minds. Between tribe and keynote sessions, attendees will have opportunities to do everything from walking the Wynwood Walls to kayaking on Biscayne Bay. Ascent isn’t just about networking and growing a business and brand after a particularly challenging year, it’s also about fostering discussions on wellness and striking a healthy work/life balance. With this in mind, there will be yoga sessions and mindfulness and meditation workshops where attendees can learn new strategies for handling the stresses of this fast-paced industry. 

Ascent is the type of experience that inspires people to come back each year and encourage others to attend — 80% of our attendees have returned for multiple years or sent a colleague from their firms to Ascent. Click on the link below for an opportunity to find out why.

Ascent will take place Nov. 8-10 at the 1 Hotel South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida.

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