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That Manchester Restaurant Table? It's Really An Office, As The Co-Working Craze Eats Itself


For years coffee shops have served as impromptu co-working venues. Then along came co-working venues like Work.Life that actually looked like coffee shops. And now a Manchester business is offering spare restaurant tables as workplaces.

To some it looks like the co-working craze is literally eating itself as hybrid property concepts take another odd turn.

FlexTable is offering the use of unoccupied restaurant tables as workplaces, and in the process filling dead hours after lunch and before dinner.

It means inspiring workplaces for startups and creative freelancers, and revenue for city centre eateries.

A Peter Street restaurant is already signed up and three more are said to be close to signing, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The idea of co-working restaurants is still in its infancy on both sides of the Atlantic, but has had some exposure in the U.S. A Washington, D.C., restaurant launched co-working space in 2016 and a hotel chain announced it would experiment with the idea in November 2017.