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LA City Council Unanimously Approves 2028 Olympics Deal


The LA City Council unanimously approved an agreement Friday for LA to host the 2028 Olympics.

The vote came after a heated committee meeting Friday morning.

The decision means LA can enter into a host city contract with the International Olympic Committee when the IOC officially awards the 2028 Olympics to LA as it is expected to next month, Curbed Los Angeles reports.

In that contract, the city agrees to make up for any financial shortfalls.

Opponents voiced their concerns Friday, arguing the games could worsen the local homeless crisis.

A LA city staff report states the revised budget for the 2028 Olympics is not yet finished, and the state's guarantee of financial assistance may not be available until next year.

Some former Olympians, including Carl Lewis, Janet Evans, Jim Naber, Greg Louganis and Nastia Liukin, echoed the sentiment of some city council members who spoke about the potential benefits to LA.

LA's bid committee reached a deal with the International Olympic Committee less than two weeks ago, allowing for LA to host the 2028 Games after Paris hosts the Olympics in 2024.

The IOC is scheduled to officially award the 2024 and 2028 Olympics on Sept. 13 during its four-day conference in Lima, Peru.