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The Future Of El Segundo's Community

El Segundo is attracting an increasing number of businesses these days, including retail, hotels and even an art museum.


Stakeholders spoke of why their companies were interested in setting up shop in El Segundo at Bisnow's The Future of El Segundo event held this month at the Utah Avenue Campus ( 2383 and 2355 Utah Ave).

Speakers included the Rubicon Cos principal Marc Gordon, El Segundo city manager Greg Carpenter, ESMoA founder Eva Sweeney and Federal Realty Investment Trust VP Jeff Kreshek. The panel was moderated by Haz Away Today founder Drew Boyles.


Drew asked the panelists to talk about their specific projects and what they have to offer El Segundo.


Greg said El Segundo has a very sophisticated population and "first-class services at a low cost." He is convinced the residents of El Segundo "realize they have a good deal."

Having been in El Segundo for eight years, Greg said the most controversial project he's been involved with was bringing an In-N-Out Burger to the area.


Jeff talked about The Point, a retail and restaurant destination (at Sepulveda Boulevard and Rosecrans Avenue). His company made a conscious choice to do something special, according to Jeff.

The reason they chose El Segundo is it has "fantastic, irreplaceable real estate," he said.


The Rubicon Cos purchased the former Hacienda Hotel, a 600-key property and has since repositioned it into two separate hotels: the Aloft Hotel, which features an indoor/outdoor lobby and bar; and the Fairfield. The properties are affiliated with Starwood Hotels and Marriott International.

Marc said they want to make the hotels attractive not just to travelers but to locals who might want a getaway. It is important the hotels are a "part of the community," he said.


Eva and her husband founded the visual art museum, ESMoA (208 Main St). 

She said she feels the museum is "a great start for El Segundo to create a wonderful story and create positive change."

Their collaborations with museums, including the Getty, have helped put El Segundo on the map in the art world, according to Eva.