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Senators Pushing $2B Plan To Fight Homelessness

Los Angeles

A bipartisan group of state senators is aiming to put their money where their mouths are by pledging $2B to help fight homelessness in California. They announced the statewide initiative, “No Place Like Home,” this week at Skid Row.

The proposal plans to use money from the Mental Health Services Act of 2004, Proposition 63 to fund the project. As part of “No Place Like Home,” a $2B bond will be used to build housing for the mentally ill.

There would also be assistance for housing programs provided for families as well as for a “Bringing Families Home” pilot project, which is a county matching grant program to help reduce the number of homeless people whose families participate in the child welfare system, according to KPCC-FM.

Darrell Steinberg, Proposition 63’s co-author and founder of the Steinberg Institute as well as a former Senate leader, says now is a “tipping-point moment for mental health, homelessness and Proposition 63” across the state. [KPCC]