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Artistic Tribute To Alan Turing Unveiled At Paddington Central

British Land unveiled an artistic tribute to the godfather of modern computing, Alan Turing, at its Paddington Central campus.

“Message from the Unseen World” celebrates the life and accomplishments of Turing, who was born in Paddington and is best-known for his role in breaking the Enigma code during World War II.

The installation spans Bishop’s Bridge Road and depicts Turing speaking posthumously about his life while aluminum panels perforated with holes and LEDs display extracts from Turing’s groundbreaking "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" in patterns based on Baudot Code.  

The artwork was curated by Futurecity and devised by United Visual Artists. Hackney-based poet Nick Drake wrote the verse.

"Message from the Unseen World" is close to the canal-side entrance to Paddington Underground Station under Bishops Bridge Road, at the entrance to the 11-acre Paddington Central campus.

British Land head of office asset management David Lockyer said that British Land has a long association with art and "Message from the Unseen World" not only celebrates one of Paddington’s most famous sons, it speaks to the area’s evolution into a hub for innovation, technology and creative disruption.