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So far, opposition parties have blocked a general election, worried that the current government would let Britain leave the EU before the country has had a chance to go to the polls.

But there is a scenario where we have a short extension to the Brexit deadline in order to allow for a general election, which may or may not provide a result that gives greater clarity as to what kind of Brexit the people of Britain want.

But how will they vote, and what might that mean for real estate? Opinion polls provide little clarity, but perhaps you know what is to come.

If you think in a general election Boris Johnson would win a majority, or form a coalition with the Brexit Party that gives him a majority in Parliament, go to section 9.

If you think Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour would win a majority or lead a coalition, go to section 10.

If you think the Liberal Democrats come second and lead a coalition government with a majority, go to section 11. 

Don't like where you've ended up? Start over!