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Lyft Recognizes Most Popular Destinations In Houston

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Lyft, a San Franciso-based on-demand transportation company, has recognized the most popular places for its riders across the country. This year, the Lyftie Awards, an annual competition in its fourth year, expanded to include bars, concerts, gyms and neighborhoods in 45 metro areas, including Houston. 

“Lyft helps Houstonians experience and connect with their city in new and interesting ways. We’re proud to support the local Houston community through convenient, affordable rides and by providing a flexible earning opportunity," Lyft Gulf Coast General Manager Kaleb Miller said. "The Lyfties are a way for us to recognize the places that truly make Houston unique." 

The Houston hot spots for the 2018 Lyftie Awards included:  

Most Visited Bar: Kung Fu Saloon

Most Popular Concert Venue: NRG Stadium

Most Visited Restaurant for Brunch: Snooze, an AM Eatery 

Most Visited Restaurant for Late-Night: Whataburger

Most Visited Fitness Studio/Gym: LA Fitness

Most Visited Late-Night Neighborhood: Midtown

Only In Houston: White Oak Music Hall

In recent years, Lyft and other ride-sharing platforms have become a piece of the bedrock of how many people get around. Lyft plans to expand its services by finding innovative ways to join with institutional partners such as local governments to improve transportation and infrastructure challenges.

Office building operators use the platforms to cut parking costs and attract new tenants, and they have created designated areas for pickups. The platform also works with healthcare providers to increase services for medical patients. Lyft is also expanding into transportation methods that don't involve a car: It is at the vanguard of the electric scooter revolution.