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Would You Pay $32 To Nap? This Retailer Is Betting You Will


The latest in the trend to boost wellness and productivity is a sleep retailer.

Nap Bar is opening its first location on April 1 in Rice Village. It is the first facility in Texas that allows customers to pay to take a power nap.

It is located inside New Living, a natural and organic mattresses retailer, at 6111 Kirby Drive.  

“Our goal is to promote wellness and turn sustainable rest into sustainable productivity for health-conscious humans,” Nap Bar founder and President Khaliah Guillory said in a release. 

Nap Bar offers custom patented napping pods with sound-proof material and organic, nontoxic Bungaloom mattresses and beddings. Nap Bar will charge $179 for a monthly membership that includes access to showers, pajamas and coffee. Individual naps are $32 for 26 minutes or $25 for 20 minutes, the Houston Business Journal reports.

Why 26 minutes? The National Sleep Foundation found that naps shorter than 30 minutes are the most beneficial to increasing alertness, but longer times are available.  

Customers receive complimentary aromatherapy and custom brain wave therapy with each session. Other add-ons include lymphatic massages and EarthCraft Juicery drinks. 

Guillory has delivered innovative wellness and inclusion workshops for organizations such as NASA. She was encouraged to launch Nap Bar after discovering a NASA study that found that a 26-minute power nap helped improve performance by 34% and alertness by 54%. 

“Giants like Google implemented sleep stations to help employees recharge during the day,” Guillory said in the news release. “Naps are proven to help reduce significant economic loss by decreasing sleep deprivation.” 

Nap Bar also offers in-suite napping build-outs for companies and plans to open mobile snooze units in Downtown Houston later this year, according to the release. The company said its mission is to solve the $411B in economic loss created by sleep deprivation