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Remembering 9/11 with Bush's Chief of Staff


To remember September 11th, NAIOP hosted Andrew Card, White House chief of staff for George W. Bush during the attacks. Seeberger Architecture principal Perry Seeberger says he was honored to shake Andrew's hand and grab this photo together, and was touched to hear Andrew's recollections of the attacks. Andrew was the one who was captured on camera whispering in Bush's ear that a second airplane had hit the World Trade tower. One of Andrew's most emotional memories was meeting with the families of missing and deceased first responders on Sept. 14. One mother placed her son's badge in George Bush's hand and told him "please don't forget." Andrew still remembers the name and badge number of that gentleman, who came in on his day off and lost his life helping those in need. Andrew shared some happier memories, too, like the impact of his grandmother, an original suffragette, on shaping his view of politics and serving his country.