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New Finger Cos. Petition Reignites Montrose Lawsuit

Montrose District in Houston

An entity affiliated with the development firm Finger Cos. filed a petition intervening as a plaintiff in a 2012 case seeking to dissolve the Montrose management district. The latest filing, much like the original lawsuit filed in Harris County Civil Court, claims the district has consistently acted unlawfully when assessing yearly property taxes.

The Finger Cos. petition seeks an injunction from any assessment, levy, collection or enforcement, and just like the class-action suit, seeks an all-out dissolution of the district. 

The petition takes special issue with the district's efforts to appeal a decision by Harris County Judge Tad Halbach, who ruled the district had illegally levied $6.59M in taxes as it was not legally formed to begin with. 

"Rather than take immediate action to dissolve the district ... the board defendants attempted to invalidate the individual petitions," according to the filing.

The case has gone from the county court to the state court, then to the federal court, then back to the state court on May 30.