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Bishop Arts Gets Expanded DART Services


Amidst talk of traffic and parking woes, DART is expanding service in South Dallas. DART officially debuts extended streetcar service to the Bishop Arts District on Aug. 29, but current customers can ride the line on its new schedule starting Monday, Aug. 15. The City of Dallas owns the streetcar, but DART will operate and maintain it. 

Cars will run every 20 minutes 9:30am to midnight seven days a week between Union Station and Beckley. The route runs about 2.5 miles and covers six stops. 

The dual-mode operation has both overhead contact system and off-wire electrical, meaning the car runs on battery rather than electrical wires to travel over the Houston Street Viaduct. The car has a seating capacity of 34 plus standing room.

Passenger service to two new stops—6th Street and Bishop Arts—will begin with a preview run during regular service hours on Aug. 27. The extended route officially launches Aug. 29, when new Route 723 Bishop Arts Service begins operation over Davis, Polk, Jefferson and Zang. This route will be a longer part of D-Link and charge DART Local fare