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Dallas Named 25th Most Walkable City


A new study from LOCUS (a program of Smart Growth America) and George Washington University ranked Dallas the 25th most walkable metro in the US, begging the question, "Have any of the researchers ever been to Dallas?"

All jokes aside, Dallas has made great strides (get it?) in becoming a truly walkable city. The report ranks the top 30 metros by how much of each kind of development is in Walkable Urban Places, or WalkUPs. It also measured forward-looking metrics to see how walkable a city is likely to become in the future.

The study shows that 10% of Dallas' office, 9% of retail and 5% of multifamily space is in WalkUPs. 

Unsurprisingly, New York City, DC, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco took the top five spots, respectively. Houston took the 20th spot and San Antonio took the 28th.