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Ladies In CRE & Liz Trocchio Talk #GirlBosses


Listen up gals (guys, you can read this, too): if you want to be a #girlboss, there's a book and plenty of tips to grasp that goal. Ladies in CRE (a fairly new networking group for DFW women in commercial real estate) gathered at JLL Dallas last night where The Trocchio Advantage's Liz Trocchio (center in red) gave her tips on how to reach that C-suite corner office. Some highlights: have confidence, dress up and show up, do the right thing, be nice to other women and be on time. (See, guys. These were tips for you, too.) Pictured: JLL's Lindsay Stuckey, Ashley Curry, C. Pharr & Co's Leah Ekmark Williams, Anderson Hanson Blanton's Missy Hodges, Liz, JLL's Allison Johnston, Cushman & Wakefield's Shannon Johnston and Rena Padachy.