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Dallas-Fort Worth
Larry Beasley, former Vancouver urban planner and special adviser to the Dallas CityDesign Studio, gathered with Trinity Trust Foundation prez Gail Thomas, Trinity Trust board member Deedie Rose and Trinity Trust Foundation chairwoman Mary McDermott Cook, at a recent Trinity Trust reception
At a recent Trinity Trust reception, former Vancouver urban planner and special adviser to the Dallas CityDesign Studio Larry Beasley gathered with TT Foundation prez Gail Thomas, board member Deedie Rose, and chairwoman Mary McDermott Cook. Hosted at Deedie and Rusty Rose's Pump House in Dallas, Larry talked about urban development and the work he's doing in Dallas alongside Brent Brown, David Whitley and others. Last fall, the foundation and the city announced a $5M gift from Deedie and Rusty to establish the Dallas CityDesign Studio to expand the city’s design efforts.
Larry Beasley at Trinity Trust reception.
Larry will return to Dallas later this spring as planning continues in West Dallas. For now, he says good urban design is necessary for the city, and the ethos of design will be looked at with every single development. Educating the public is key, he adds, and he hopes all people will demand better design. Finally, he advises redesigning areas to take advantage of the Trinity. “We’re starting in West Dallas because that’s where the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge  will connect from downtown Dallas,” he says. “Over time, everything that incorporates the community will be about good design.”