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Roosevelt University Announces New Real Estate Degree Program

Roosevelt University

Roosevelt University's Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate will launch a bachelor's degree program in real estate this fall. This is one of the first major moves to build a talent pipeline at Roosevelt since Collete English Dixon was named executive director of the institute last summer.

The institute's goal is to have 50 to 75 undergraduate students by the program's fifth year to meet rising demand for young new talent in the industry. More than 100 entry-level jobs in Chicago each year are filled by graduates from outside the marketplace. Students will be able to use industry-standard software and databases to solve problems related to the built environment. The program places emphasis on awareness of social justice and engagement in civic life, which are pillars of Roosevelt’s mission. Incorporating the concepts of social costs and benefits, students will analyze the ongoing process of urban gentrification, not just the individual financial benefits associated with change in the urban landscape.

English Dixon said the program will provide graduates pursuing a career in real estate with ground-level understanding of general business, the real estate industry and investment strategy.

The program is awaiting final approval from the state of Illinois.