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Yesterday with AIRE and BOMA

WASHINGTON DC 06.15.2017


Development, Leasing, Design and the Impact of Regulatory Reform

Paula Crowley -- Anchor Health Properties
Gill Wylie -- Johns Hopkins Medical Management Corporation
Charles Weinstein -- ​Children's National Medical Center
Yesterday with  AIRE and BOMA
Good news for huggers: Touching is back in as a sales method. It was one of several tips (more covered below) for 175 brokers at yesterday's Association of Industrial Real Estate Brokers luncheon at the Rosewood.
Yesterday with  AIRE and BOMA
First, we snapped those eager to learn. Entre Commercial Realty principal Daniel Benassi, Epic Realty's Ryan Phillips, who just switched from the automotive industry to real estate, with John Coleman, also of Epic. They tell us the company is undergoing internal changes this month and hopes to come out even stronger. Ryan says he likes the relative stability of real estate over automobiles, a statement that at any other time in history would have us questioning his sanity. Daniel?s already on the right track: he hired his fifth employee this month.
Yesterday with  AIRE and BOMA
The Alliance for Strategic Advancement's Gene Rosendale on salesmanship: ?click? with people by reading their communication styles and make yours match; most people get information visually, but 25% learn through touch and 20% through sound; meeting someone whose style matches yours on that level can help close the deal. But don't get your hopes up: You'll only ?click? with about one in every 10 people. (We hope those are the ones with cash!)
Yesterday with  AIRE and BOMA
Paine/Wetzel ONCOR International was a heavy hitter in yesterday's Bisnow Deal Sheet, and here SVP William Kerrins, surrounded by Venture One's Steven Goode and First Industrial's Adam Moore, shared the secret: Relatively small spaces within city limits are still doing well. William?s largest lease of late was 66k-SF. For companies that need to stay within city limits to keep their employees, big boxes on I-80 aren't an option, he says.