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When we ran into HFF's Tricia HemingerMike Kavanau, Amy Sands, and Jaime Fink last week at The John Buck Company's annual Spring Fling, did they already know they'd be closing a deal on 300 N. LaSalle days later. What do the smiles below say to you?
HFF's Tricia Heminger, Mike Kavanau, Amy Sands and Jaime Finke
We thought they were toasting to us, but maybe there was more afoot.  On the other end, Jaime and Jeff Bramson  represented  Hines in the $625M sale to KBS Realty. The deal is the largest in Chicago since the Sears (now Willis) Tower in 2004. The party we found them at benefited High Jump and The John Buck Foundation.
f Lee & Associates,June Simonian, Rachel Gray and Amanda Seward joined Hallett Movers' Sandy Mande
We wandered the rest of the event to make new friends, like the Ladies of Lee & Associates: June Simonian, Rachel Gray, and Amanda Seward joined Hallett Movers' Sandy Manden for a bite. Amanda just earned her real estate license this year and has already done four deals, including one for Japanese company LecipVoice Media Group, and a small law firm.
SomerCor 504's David Frank and Golub's Debbie Frank flanked John Buck's Sarah Cogswell.
Brother and sister SomerCor 504's David Frank  and Golub's  Debbie Frank surround John Buck's Sarah Cogswell.  Debbie, who works leasing at the John Hancock Center, says the place where we held our last Booze & Schmooze  is still up for grabs, and she's enjoying working with the building's new manager, Tom Kienzle.
SmithGroup's Andy Vazzano, Noel Bryan and Rana Lee.
It was still sunny out when we ran into SmithGroup's Andy Vazzano,Noel Bryan, and Rana Lee. SmithGroup is getting heavy into the healthcare with a new SimLab project for OSF  in Peoria and one for Clairion Healthcare.
Michael Farber, Michelle Lenzen, Maureen Wilkey and Andrew Goodman
And for those of you who razz us about using the word "us," this is who we mean: Bisnow's Michael Farber, Michelle Lenzen,Maureen Wilkey, and Andrew Goodman. As for a newsy sentence about ourselves? We just launched a new LA  pub and are looking for conference speakers for next month's  healthcare event.