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The Outsider: Chris Kennedy

The Outsider: Chris Kennedy

Yesterday, we witnessed the first non-designer to be honored by the local International Interior Design Association. Merchandise Mart Properties' Chris Kennedy, who helped make NeoCon a household name in interior design, received the award over breakfast..

IIDA Illinois President Crandon Gustafson, Commercial Carpet Consultants' Michele Rust, Chris Kennedy, VOA's Nick Luzietti, and IIDA's Cheryl Durst.

IIDA Illinois prez Crandon Gustafson, Commercial Carpet Consultants' Michele Rust, Chris, VOA's Nick Luzietti,  and IIDA's Cheryl Durst. Chris said he was honored to be with people who will create the workplace of the future, where self-expression is more important than compression of space: ?They can no longer tell us how to think, or even where to think.? Chris, tell us how you really feel.

Tekninon's Katie Callahan and Jill Olson and Wight & Co's Janet Lougee

Tekninon's Katie Callahan  and Jill Olson and Wight & Co's Janet Lougee. Teknion is excited to be bringing designer Carl Magnusson to Chicago next month for a speaking blitz at local design firms. And we learned Wight was named one of the top 200 ?Hot Firms? by ZweigWhite's The Zweig Letter.