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Fogelson Forum on Foreclosure

Fogelson Forum on Foreclosure
Power Construction's Terry Graber and Robert Van Deven joined BS&A Enterprises LLC's Swithin Simons and Roosevelt student Terry Woodson at the Fogelson Forum

Roosevelt University held its first Fogelson Forum of the school year on Wednesday night, focusing on foreclosure and how it impacts affordable housing. Power Construction's Terry Graber and Robert Van Deven joined BS&A Enterprises LLC's Swithin Simons and Roosevelt student Terry Woodson  for dinner. Power Construction is working on a 40-story mixed-use development for the university, including dorms, offices, classrooms and laboratories

Chicago Commercial Center's Tom Meier and Roosevelt students Jillian Haynes and Milo Aguilar at Roosevelt University Fogelson Forum

Chicago Commercial Center's Tom Meier and Roosevelt students Jillian Haynes  and Milo Aguilar also enjoyed some wine before the presentation. Tom is working on transferring the title insurance for Wrigley Field, in the recent sale of the Cubs to the Ricketts family. He's pretty sure they're going to keep the name.