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Mayor Daley, Mike Mullen
He may be retired as mayor, but Richard Daley sounds as busy as ever these days: he's of counsel to Katten Muchin Rosenman, a distinguished fellow at the U of C, on the board of Coca-Cola, co-chair of the 100,000 Strong Initiative, and much more. Yet he found time this week for a one-on-one with Centerpoint Properties cofounder Mike Mullen at the Downtown Chase Bank Auditorium. Da Mayor covered a lot of ground, bemoaning hyperpartisanship in Washington, enthusing about US-China ties—he just spent 17 days in Hubei Province on business—positing that the US needs to expand manufacturing. He also discussed CRE from his new vantage as a member of IndCor's board. The most important day for a successful politician: Saturday. "That's when you meet the people," he says. "If you don't get out on Saturday and hear what the people think, you'll go nowhere." (Also you get to see Saturday Night Live.)
Mike Mullen, Jim McShane, Mike Boro
We also caught up with Mike Mullen, McShane Construction's Jim McShane, and FCL Bulders' Mike Boro. Jim told us about his recent trip to Bangladesh as a member of the board of directors of Concern Worldwide, an NGO that concentrates its development efforts on the world's poorest and least-developed countries. "It's important to support charitable work in this country but equally important to do the same in other parts of the world," Jim says. "The depth of poverty in a place like Bangladesh is truly staggering."