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We entered yesterday's CBRE Cambridge Office/Lab overview girded for number crunching, but were surprised to get some big news on a major new life science project approaching the launching pad in the People?s Republic.
Alexandria Real Estate Equity?s Joe Maguire and Tom Andrews at CBRE breakfast
As the event wound down, we snapped Alexandria Real Estate Equity?s Joe Maguire and Tom Andrews, major players in Cambridge?s biotech market, where they own nearly 2M SF. Tom says his team's appearance Monday before the city planning board was another step forward for its Binney Street Proposal, five buildings, plus housing, retail, and parks. The first two buildings, a new lab/office facility at 100 Binney and the adaptive reuse of the historic 41 Linskey Way, are moving into design review. He's optimistic the board will approve their special permit soon, which means a start isn't far off. The Binney Street proposal is expected to generate 3k permanent jobs.
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