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Bexar County Joins Mounting Lawsuits Against Texas' Controversial SB4, Houston May Soon Follow

San Antonio skyline

Bexar County Commissioners Tuesday joined the City of San Antonio's lawsuit challenging the state's recently passed SB4, known as the sanctuary cities law, set to go into effect Sept. 1. 

Texas is now facing three separate lawsuits over SB4. In addition to San Antonio's lawsuit (filed by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund), which Austin joined last week, El Paso is filing its own lawsuit. The tiny border town of El Cenzio is also filing suit, backed by the ACLU. 

The new law gives law enforcement authority to question the immigration status of anyone who has been arrested or detained. It also allows for the removal of elected officials if they seek to stop law enforcement from immigration status inquiry. 

The Bexar County DA's office recommended a 30-day review of the law. 

“Delaying does not make a statement; we need to make a statement,” Precinct 2 Commissioner Paul Elizondo said. “I realize there are a lot of people in this community we represent that don’t want to do that. It’s our job to make decisions.”