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This City Just Removed A Proposal To Gate Itself

PSW Real Estate's Olmos Drive development

The city of Olmos Park, fearful of bad publicity, has pulled down a posted city council item to consider gating the entire city.

The suburban enclave, surrounded entirely by the city of San Antonio, is only 0.6 square miles, a one-time Army balloonist training site during World War I. The upscale area is primarily 800 single-family homes, plus smaller retail establishments. The total population hovers around 2,300 people. 

An item to discuss gating the community, posted for March 15, was removed after it was brought to the attention of a local television station. 

"I just can't believe our city council is even wasting time to put that on our agenda," resident Bill Tichy told News4SA. "I mean it is just silly, if we were going to talk about things that we could do in this community, I think to make it safer, if that is a concern of people."

The item was pulled from the agenda Tuesday after the council and city were "bombarded by the media," City Manager Celia DeLeon told the Rivard Report.