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Gwinnett Place Traffic Is Going To Be A Lot More Manageable

Driving's about to be a whole lot nicer in Gwinnett Place, as the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District Board of Directors launches several intersection improvement projects over the next few months.


Mitigating traffic congestion and efficient traffic management, particularly in Gwinnett's central business district, are top priorities for the Gwinnett Place CID board as it looks to improve connectivity in the region.

First is the Gwinnett Place Drive/Venture Drive at Pleasant Hill Road intersection, which is underway and expected to take approximately five months.

The project will introduce a shared right turn lane and through lane across Pleasant Hill Road. It will provide southbound access to Gwinnett Place Drive by adding left turn access from eastbound Pleasant Hill Road. 

There are also plans to update the traffic signal and pedestrians facilities at the intersection. A roundabout is proposed at the Venture Drive at Day Drive intersection in order to reduce conflict points in the congested area. This project will begin after the remaining right of way acquisitions are complete.

Next, the Venture Drive at Steve Reynolds Boulevard intersection improvement project should begin construction in 2017. Venture Drive will be widened at the corner of Steve Reynolds Boulevard to accommodate a designated northbound right turn lane onto it. This second northbound through lane on Venture Drive will continue across Steve Reynolds Boulevard and convert a right turn lane into a continuing through lane that terminates at the retail shopping center north of the intersection.  

Road construction in Gwinnett Place

Finally, the Club Drive at Pleasant Hill Road project is slated to begin this fall and take approximately six months. The project will install triple left lanes on northbound Pleasant Hill Road, replacing the existing dual left turn lanes, while dual right lanes at eastbound Club Drive will replace the existing single right turn lane. 

These additions should help alleviate traffic delays by facilitating better movement through the intersection. Several notable streetscape projects will further enhance the area. New, LED streetlights are being installed along segments of Pleasant Hill Road, Satellite Boulevard and Steve Reynolds Boulevard. Studies are being conducted to investigate the feasibility of connectivity to McDaniel Farm Park.

The CID was awarded grant funds to construct Phase 2 of the  Satellite Boulevard streetscape project, beginning at Pleasant Hill Road and ending at the Gwinnett County Transit Center. Plans for streetscape projects are being developed for the remaining portions of Pleasant Hill Road and Satellite Boulevard. They should be solidified by December. CID leadership is focused on transforming greater Gwinnett Place so Gwinnett’s CBD continues to attract high-quality commercial real estate investments and jobs.

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