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Dr. Rajeev Dhawan Georgia State University College Robinson Business Economic Forecasting Center
We recently asked Georgia State University's Dr. Rajeev Dhawanwhat he sees for the Atlanta economy this year. And one of the metro area's most popular prognosticators says he's ?cautiously optimistic based on the national recovery, which is picking up speed.? Rajeev says Georgia will grow jobs this year, but not at the pace we saw in the '90s. He estimates the state will garner 45K new jobs by year's end, 30% of which will be premium jobs (employees who likely fill office space). Two dark clouds: Oil prices are a big one; a spike in barrel costs could further crimp already shaky consumers and decelerate the economy. And also gridlock in Washington, a Republican House and a Democratic Senate and administration putting a standstill to any serious and meaningful resolution on taxes and spending. The uncertainty can make it difficult for companies to draft concrete spending plans for the coming year. ?If they don't plan, then there's no job creation.?
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