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Mountain Seed Advisors David Green residential mortgages buckhead club 3344 Peachtree
We were milling around the Buckhead Club yesterday (freeloading is a respectable trade in some countries) and ran into Mountain Seed Advisors' David Green. He tells us he and his partner Carl Streckhave actually been buying residential mortgages lately. That's right. Pools and pools of residential mortgages directly from banks. WhenBisnow last checked in with David and Carl, the two just completed a $275M recapitalization of Hampton Roads Bankshares. Now David says Mountain Seed still does a lot of bank consulting work, but took the opportunity to invest in the mortgages through its banking relationships.
Buckhead Club Construction Management Association America David Pye Whiting-Turner Major General Todd Semonite U.S. Army Corps Engineers Beth Harris McDonough Bolyard Peck life after brac
Also at the Buckhead Club, we crashed the monthly breakfastmeeting of the Construction Management Association of America, where we snapped Whiting-Turner's David Pye, Major General Todd Semonite, Commander of the South Atlantic Division of the US Army Corps of Engineers, and McDonough Bolyard Peck's Beth Harris. Todd enlightened the audience about the Corps' plans for ?Life after BRAC?—the Base Realignment and Closure program by the Army.