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AUGUSTA national masters michael stanzel nai robert lynn dallas brannen goddard bob burdell patrick sentner brett pitzer global mitchell brannen duke realty corey richardson paul waters nyc michael denton brian sutton john laruffa long island rick medinis tyson erwin
Lest you think the Masters in Augusta doesn't really draw people from all over the country, let us give you a small example. Here's a pic taken on the greens of Augusta National during this month's tournament. We have on the standing row Dallas NAI Robert Lynn'sMichael Stanzel; NAI Brannen Goddard's Bob Burdell; NAI Pittsburgh's Patrick Sentner; Indianapolis NAI Global's Brett Spitzer; the legendary Mitchell Brannen with NAI Brannen Goddard here; Duke Realty's Corey Richardson; NYC NAI Global's Paul Waters; NAI Robert Lynn's Michael Denton; Duke's Brian Sutton; and kneeling, NAI Long Island's John LaRuffa; and NAI Robert Lynn's Rick Medinis and Tyson Erwin. That's six different US geographical areas converged on a small town in Middle Georgia to watch a bunch of guys swing golf clubs. And it was totally worth the trip, we're sure (and jealous).