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Virtual Town Hall With Gary Rappaport

Washington DC | Air Date: December 17 | 12:30 PM EST

Speakers and Panels

Gary Rappaport

Gary Rappaport

CEO, Rappaport
Mike Ponticelli

Mike Ponticelli

Co-Founder, Bisnow
Elizabeth Baker

Elizabeth Baker

Senior Event Producer, Bisnow


  1. It's been almost nine months since Bisnow's first Virtual Town Hall. What's changed in how Rappaport is conducting business day to day?
  2. As the pandemic has dragged on, how have tenant relations changed?
  3. How has rent collection changed in the last few months?
  4. What's your 2021 outlook? How do you think the region will fare in comparison to other markets?
  5. How will the new administration impact the greater D.C. market?

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