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The Future Of Data Center Infrastructure

Thu Dec 03, 2020

Coundown Until webinar

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The Future Of Data Center Infrastructure

Density, Proximity & The New Data Center Design Imperative

Thursday December 3 2020 | 2:30 PM EST

Webinar Summary

  1. How is the increase in density for facilities impacting infrastructure needs? How might this impact design?
  2. How are facility operations evolving as data center footprints in high-density facilities shrink? How will infrastructure respond to support?
  3. As mobile applications and streaming services increase in usage, will facility layouts evolve in response? If so how?
  4. How will the investment in more infrastructure impact data center facility expansion? How are operators investing in infrastructure planning for the future?

Featured Presenters

Frank McCann

Frank McCann

Principal Engineer, Verizon Wireless

As a certified Data Center Design Professional specializing in network design and construction, Frank McCann's current role as Senior Engineer focuses on Construction Power and Gro...

Why This Matters

As the surge continues and facilities expand, so does the emphasis of infrastructure to support it. Leaders are wondering how infrastructure investment will change as demand does and what the growth of edge computing and 5G mean for infrastructure architecture.

Join Bisnow for a discussion on what new infrastructure plans are taking hold in the market, how again investments present new challenges and what Edge and 5G means for impactful data center expansions and the end user requirements.