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Recovery Readiness: Reopening the Workplace

Washington DC | Air Date: June 9 | 11:30 AM EDT

Featured Presenters

Roberta Liss

Regional Managing Principal, Cushman & Wakefield

Roberta Levy Liss leads Cushman & Wakefield's U.S. East Region where she is charged with strategic leadership and is directly responsible for the Eastern Region, including Boston,...

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Webinar Summary

  1. What are the Safe Six, and how can owners and tenants ensure they've covered each step prior to reopening?
  2. How have you both adapted your management styles to the remote working environment, and are there any takeaways that you would bring back with you in 'normal' office culture?
  3. What are the main takeaways from C&W’s “Future of the Workplace” report and JBG SMITH’s “Healthy Workplace Blueprint” that people in the office market should know?
  4. In your point of view, how can developers ensure a healthy workplace blueprint?
  5. What does the future of office design look like, and what technology should office owners embrace to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their tenants?

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